Person's design

In this article, we would like to talk about the importance of person's design in interfaces development.

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Often, we want to make an application or a website that would satisfy the needs of the widest possible range of users. But this approach brings a lot of difficulties. To prevent this, we need to understand for whom we are doing it. There is a way to deal with this task successfully, it is to create such a design stage, as the creation of person's design.

What is a person design?

Within the design of the interfaces of websites and mobile applications  a person is defined , based on the target audience of the product.

These are the main characteristics of a person's design:

• age

• sex

•marital status

• place of residence

• occupation and hobby

This is the minimum that we should know. To be more specific we need to be supplemented with more specific information like:

• behavior

• needs

• values

• difficulties

• motivation.

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Why do we need a person's design?

The basis of a good product is empathy. Persons help us understand what our user lives by, his thoughts, desires and tasks. Having a list of our people in front of us, we design the product not for the abstract user, but for specific people, we know what excites them and help them to solve their problems.

When creating persons, you should pay attention to such characteristics as mental models and optimism / cynicism.

Mental models are ideas and a thought process based on the past experience of a person, which form a certain behavior and are aimed at understanding the surrounding world. Knowing which mental models our users use, we create an interface that is convenient and understandable for them. For example, we use the usual navigation or display of content.

The level of optimism and cynicism shows how the user behaves when something goes well or vice versa. This helps to design the behavior of the system with different errors so that the user does not have negative impressions.

Thus, effective person design:

• helps us clearly present the core group of our users;

• helps applications to focus their work on main expectations and needs of target audience;

• gives a clear idea of how our target audience will use the product;

• helps to highlight important functions;

• describes real people with goals, experiences and values.

• helps to make a Conclusion

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Creating person's design - is an important stage of development, which should not be neglected. But it is not necessary to create new people every time. You can save time and create their base, then use it in all projects (and refine if necessary). The main thing is to have structured information at hand and understand that the person is the voice of the user.

Persons will help to understand your user, his problems and motivation. And what information is included in the person, how it is processed, depends on the tasks and objectives of the project.

Such an approach allows you to create thoughtful UX and friendly interfaces. Persons can be used to confirm or disprove the ideas during design and to reveal the priority of the functionality. They can be useful not only during the design of mobile applications and sites, but also after to check whether the existing product meets the needs of users.