Top 5 Tools for UI & UX Designers


Top 5 Tools for UI & UX Designers

In the past couple of years, the demand and customer expectations on the UI/UX market has dramatically risen. Year after year it seems that keeping your users happy with the experience and simultaneously coming up with new and original ideas is just getting tougher, and it doesn’t look like it will get easier anytime time soon.

Overall it is sort of good news, bad news situation. On one hand, it’s easy to end up stuck in the past and get out of touch with your audience and the price of failure has risen. On the other, due to the high competitiveness, the quality of the products has improved and because of the constant pressure, new tools and resources for the UI/UX designers have emerged.

And that is exactly what are we going to talk about in this article. Here’s our top 5 pick for the UI & UX Designer tools.


5. Adobe XD


Adobe Experience Design is one of the best tools today on the market for rapid prototyping. One of the best aspects of Adobe’s product is its universality, so to speak, it allows you as a designer to create interactive prototypes for virtually anything, whether it’s website, mobile or web application.

Another very useful feature that Adobe XD has is integration with other Adobe products, such as Illustrator. So you as a designer can simply copy and paste elements from one program to another.

And one last thing before we will move on to our next pick. Adobe XD has a repeat grid feature, which will most definitely come in handy.


4. Axure


Now, if it’s advanced functionality you are looking for, then Axure is most definitely your choice. By far the largest and most complex application for designing powerful prototypes. You can create very complicated solutions with conditional logic, dynamic content and so on, while not writing a single line of code.

Apart from having extensive features list on the designer’s side, it also provides for a simple team collaboration, it comes as both SaaS and On-premise software (buyer’s choice) and it’s been on the market for over 14 years. 

It is no surprise that we have put Axure on the list since it is the industry leader and among most popular designer enterprise solutions out today.


3. Prott


If you are in the business of mobile app development and you wish to give your creative team freedom and ensure that they have a fast and powerful tool – consider Prott, since it was made for this propose exactly.

It was designed specifically for the development of mobile applications, and therefore it has some useful features that help in design prototyping. Our favorite – screen synchronization with design preview on an actual device. Saves time on every iteration. 


2. Firefly


Firefly is not like any other software on our list. Because it may lose in functionality or speed to other contestants. However, Firefly has other virtues, the developers of this software have put a great deal of effort to make Firefly a collaborative platform with great scalability.

So if you have lots of creative workers scattered around the world and you would like to ensure smooth and easy collaboration between them, then Firefly is your choice.


1. InVision


And last, but certainly not least comes one of the most powerful UI/UX tools– InVison. This is the solution for those, who need speed. Because rapid development is definitely the domain of InVision, where no other software can compete.

This tool should be the choice #1 for all freelancers, who wish to build up their portfolio and client base. But it in no way means that companies should overlook it. InVision is used by such corporate giants as Uber, Salesforce, and Shopify.

Plus, it comes in various package deals, from free, with 1 active project available, enterprise-grade all-around unlimited solutions.


Final thoughts


This in no way a proper “Top 5”, since we have tried to put different software solutions, that address different aspects of UI/UX design process.

What’s your favorite UI & UX designer tool?

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