What is UX Design?

What is UX Design? How does it differ from UI?  Where does UX Design start?


While hearing the word "design" we immediately imagine how beautiful the product looks, but UX is not about it.


UX is about how the user interacts with the product, how convenient, intuitive the product is and how easy it is to solve the users problem.

And UI is about how the product looks.


UX is responsible for the convenience and satisfaction of the user in solving his problem.

UI is responsible for aesthetic pleasure while interacting with the product.


And although these are two different things, it’s almost impossible to imagine them without each other. But nevertheless, today we will consider only UX.


UX is the experience of the user.


Any experience that we get is the way, and as we know from the Maths lessons, the way is the distance from point A to point B.


The same thing is with UX. While designing you need to know where the user is before using the product (point A) and where he eventually ends up (point B). The designers task is to make the distance between these points as short, convenient and intuitive as possible.


Speaking about where a user is and where he should be, it means what he feels before the interaction with the product and what he will feel afterwards. It’s required to show empathy by putting yourself in his place.


So, we have Before and After. We need to ask questions for each part. Here are some examples.



How does the user access the application?

What situation makes him to launch the application?

How much time does he have?

What emotions is he feeling now?

What external and internal factors limit the interaction with the application?



How does the user use the experience gained?

Is it necessary for him to reaccess the information he has received?

What will force him to return to the application?

Is it required to remind the user of something?


Answering these and other questions will help us to understand the user in a better day, to visualize him, to look at his problems with his own eyes.


Certainly there can be much more questions and they depend both on the type of your product and on your target audience and its basic needs.


The technique we’ve gone through is called the Timeline. In addition to Before and After parts, there is also a part At the time - it is the experience of the user.


In addition to the timeline, there are much more techniques and principles that help in designing UX. But it is a topic for a separate article.



The main thing to remember is that the design should solve the users problem. Without this fact even the most beautiful design is worthless. You can order UI/UX design from mobile apps development firm after filling a contact form.

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