UX design: what is it? How does it differ from UI? And why UX is important for business?

What is UX Design? How does it differ from UI?  Where does UX Design start?


While hearing the word "design", we immediately think about its visual components and imagine how beautiful the product looks. But what about how it works? First of all, we need to clarify that any design consists of two parts: UX and UI. UI is about how a product looks, and it’s responsible for aesthetic pleasure while interacting with the product. UX, in turn, is about how the user interacts with the product, how convenient and intuitive the product is, and how easy it is to solve the users' problems. And more often than not, business owners turn to designers for an eye-catching visual and a picture pleasing to the eye, thereby ignoring the extent to which the digital product fulfills its purpose and helps users. So, let’s shed light on the benefits of UX design as well as why good UX is important.  


Benefits of UX design and why do we need to pay attention to it?

The task of UX design is to solve the user's problems. For instance, the user wants to order food delivery. Of course, they can find the number of the restaurant, call there, make an order and wait for the courier to call. Or they can use the delivery app, enter all the necessary data, place the order, and monitor the stages of order readiness.
Relying only on UI design, the user gets a memorable application, but spends more time making an action and probably finds a more convenient alternative. But in combination with  clear navigation, the app becomes not only a handy app with rich functionality but also a great tool for presentation and customer engagement. That’s why UX is important for business of any size: from startups to enterprises. 


The benefits of UX design for business

1. It builds strong communication between the product and the user, thereby increasing audience loyalty and CTR. 

2. Detailed design simplifies the development process because it represents the optimal solution for user interaction with the application. Thus, it directly affects the cost of development in a positive way. 

3. A classy and catchy application with a clear interface that fully performs its stated functions is one of the options for word-of-mouth and increasing brand awareness without extra spending on advertising campaigns. 

4. Well-thought-out mobile app UI UX design motivates users to interact with your app, keep up with updates, and ultimately take targeted action as well as become one of the competitive advantages. 

5. When testing an app, it is the improvement of UX design that often helps enhance the app and increase the company's revenue.


Final thoughts

The main thing to remember is that the clear and user-friendly mobile app UI UX design in tandem should fully solve the user's problems. And if it does it well, then it becomes a multifunctional tool for business development, attracting investors and an audience. If you have an idea or a business and want to enhance it with a catchy app design, our team is here to help you.

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