AdTech & Martech development services

Fingers Media has vast expertise in marketing app development of websites and native mobile applications for AdTech & MarTech. Our AdTech solutions are designed to help advertising agencies create, manage, evaluate and modify online advertising campaigns. MarTech solutions, for its part, help our clients succeed in sales funnel creation and lead nurturing. Our marketing app development company creates your own way to convert passive onlookers into active shoppers.

AdTech & MarTech


You turn to AdTech & MarTech networks every time when you use a service that provides you with analytics and feedback on how people see and engage with your content online. Examples of AdTech are SEM platforms, SSP, Ad Exchange, Ad Network, etc. MarTech includes SEO, SMM, web analytics, CRM, and marketing mobile app development services. Below are the examples of the platforms our adtech development company developed for our customers to make it possible to target the intended audience without as much overreach.



A mobile application for improving the business interaction of advertisers and influencers


What our clients say

Ilya Kyharev

Ilya Kyharev

Creative Director, GETBOB DIGITAL AGENCY |


"We appreciate Fingers' proactive approach on every stage that helps to optimize apps' functionality and saves budget and development time. Fingers’ managers really work on improvement of every detail. While the first project had small issues on project management, the second one was nearly perfect."

Alexander Baranov

Alexander Baranov

CPO, Getblogger |


"Fingers successfully completed and released the app. A large majority of web app users adopted the mobile app, and it garners positive feedback for its user-friendly convenience. The team delivers quality products and speedy, responsive, and professional service at affordable prices."

Ashley Staines

Ashley Staines

Founder & CEO, DoubleTapp |


"Fingers has so far delivered excellent work on time and with minimal bugs. The team manages a smooth and efficient workflow thanks to regular communication and their technical expertise. Their willingness to go above and beyond stands out."


We always try to make our product better, so in the marketing app development services we pay special attention to the following points:

Comments & likes
Content Management System
Encryption & Data Protection
Secure Environment
Support & Maintenance
User Behavior Analysis

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