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Social media is a global trend for the latest years and it is’n going to decrease. The number of worldwide social network users is expected to grow to around 2.95 billion in 2020. Want to create a social networking site or mobile apps? Fingers media develops social networks websites and applications from scratch that help your business to make money.

Social Network


We have the experience of creating social networks for different business need: from corporate platforms to small applications. We can offer you a quick solution based on a template or make your own social network design. There are examples of our solutions in social industry, which in this age of digitisation easily connect people and allow them to solve their tasks easily.


Fish Club

First mobile fisher club in Belarus with storage of social experience and knowledge about fishing.


Fishing Map
Statistics for lakes


Meet other users who really want it! Create your own meetings or watch the feed with already created meetings.


Meetings feed
Сhat for two hours


An innovative platform that allows you to communicate with potential investors in the chat.


Project creation


The first platform for talents in the cinema and audiovisual industry. Let the talent express your work and creativity.


Casting Video
Jobs posting
Personal website

What our clients say

Val Kapuza

Val Kapuza

Owner, FEW Consulting | Travel


"I have come up with the idea of a mobile application that would allow people with low language knowledge to use key phrases to get help from others. I had no knowledge of how to create and implement my business solution. I simply had an idea but never worked within the IT sector. Fingers has developed a prototype of my app. We’ve had numerous discussions on user-experience elements, such as where key phrases should be placed, how to distinguish between people searching for help and those offering it, and so on. Fingers managed to provide good suggestions for my solution."

Viktor Shipalov

Viktor Shipalov

Deputy Director, BIG-Master | Consumer Products


"We were looking for local Belarusian companies ready to take on the entire project (e.g., design, development, implementation, and maintenance). We evaluated over 20 organizations before deciding on Fingers. Fingers is tasked with creating a fully developed mobile application in accordance with our expectations. They proposed a project promotion strategy. At the moment, they are making the integration with our partners. Fingers is very involved in the whole project. If they see better ways of implementation, they will always offer them."

Ilya Kyharev

Ilya Kyharev

Creative Director, GETBOB DIGITAL AGENCY | Media


"We appreciate Fingers' proactive approach on every stage that helps to optimize applications' functionalities and saves budget and development time. Fingers’ managers really work on improvement for any detail. If the first project had small issues on project management, then the second one was nearly perfect."

Elie-Jonas Elmaleh

Elie-Jonas Elmaleh

SaS Vidzoo, Co-Founder | Media & Art


"The process is going better than expected due to Fingers' impressive project management role. The team is timely, quick to respond, and provides high-quality code. Their professionalism and commitment to understanding the client make for superior service."


We always try to make our product better, therefore we pay special attention to the following points in the software development for social network industry:

Commens & likes
Content Management System
Group & Private Chats
Member Database
Notification systems

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