The shortest way from your Big Idea
to the Successful Business


3 97

$ 18 999

60 Days
  • Mobile or Web Application

Business Ready

7 31

$ 34 999

75 Days
  • Mobile or Web Application
  • Back Office

Customer Аcquisition

10 44

$ 49 999

90 Days
  • Mobile or Web Application
  • Back Office
  • Cloud
  • Fast Start
  • Investors Ready

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We will help you to get there faster, providing more resources
and a chance for a quick maneuver.

AI Features

Imbedding of Artificial intelligence features into your application. Ability to perform human-like tasks, such as image recognition, natural language processing and etc.

AR / VR Features

Virtual or Augmented reality features in your application give your customers the opportunity to travel across the worlds or alter their reality.

Market Research

Target market potential research, future demand forecasting, target audience preferences, pricing and marketing promotion.


Legal protection of commercial secret, trademark, intellectual property rights. Contract drafts, taxation systematization and etc.

Team Hiring

Candidate sourcing, Team collaboration, Reporting, Recruitment automation.


We will provide advanced maintenance procedure development, defect elimination and reliability improvement.

ASAP mode

Fully functional startup MVP on a short-term horizon. Same high quality — fast delivery.

Add 1 more platform

Multiple platforms from the very beginning of the project.
Greater coverage — more potential customers.

Our ingredients
for successful projects


Getting first clients is a huge milestone for a business. Achieving this milestone opens up a door to reality.

Sharing Big Idea with your friends, selling it to potential partners and employees. They bring you their feedback, their cash and the proof that what you are doing is important. These three deliverable are essential for a start up to evolve.


Time is the name of the game in most business cases. Opportunities come and go, circumstances change dramatically and successful products meet their customers at the moment suitable for both sides.

Getting to the market fast is a matter of design process — the functional requirements part


Every step in project management is aimed to achieve a specific goal, that can be measured and is presented as a KPI. All KPIs are needed to be tracked and actual results are needed to be compared to the planned ones. Then the retrospective is held followed by replanning.

This process lets us know if the decisions we make provide what is expected and if the hypothesis we work out are true or false.


Focus on cash flow lets achieve two very important outcomes:
a) WOW, it works!
b) replenish resources for faster growth.

In case the Entrepreneur is applying an exit strategy (growing audience for further selling his share to investors) the idea is very similar — the focus will be on active audience.

Develop your new business,
not just MVP

Your Big idea might promise success, but a fully functional e-business
will for sure bring you to the goal.



Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements

No hidden <br>fees

No hidden

Best <br>practices


Guarantee Supervision

Guarantee Supervision

Fixed Price /<br>Time & Material

Fixed Price /
Time & Material

Access<br>to the PMS

to the PMS

Delivery process

General approach

  • Full transparency and client’s control during all the process:
    • Online access to PMS (project management system)
      with all tasks and statuses;
    • Invitation to online daily team meetings;
    • Invitation to online monthly demos;
  • Client manages his/her engagement in the process.
  • High-class responsiveness of personal product manager.
  • Enhanced planning and documentation techniques to maintain guaranteed terms and quality.



Call us and schedule a meeting with your personal product manager at a convenient time.

Sign the international contract with all intellectual rights guaranteed.

Prepay // DAY 0.

Accesses to the development environment granted to keep an eye on statuses and progress.


DAYS 1-5

Design deliverables:

  • Product Business Requirements.
  • UI/UX design concept.
  • Original Image File.
  • Technical specifications.
  • App Design Scheme.
  • App Prototype (Web-based app imitation).


DAYS 6-40

Development deliverables:

  • The completely functional product, deployed on development environment (not seen by Users).

Release, final payment

DAYS 41–60

Final deliverables:

  • The completely functional product, available for Users.
  • Invoice for final payment.

After the final payment:

  • Package of source code and design file on Cloud.
  • Integration of analytical systems.
  • Warranty service.
  • Full property rights to the product.

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