Battle of prediction

Mobile application for competitions between users in the predictions for football matches

Design Sports Betting


Sports predictions and sports betting attract a large number of people. As a proof, Flurry analytics released an annual State that sports apps became the second fastest growing mobile app category. Mostly, such sport apps are based on a prediction of a match outcomes for placing bets and increasing findings of the winning bets. The prediction accuracy is really low, because not everyone wants to make cash input to set up a forecast. That is why we investigated the topic and came up with an idea of creating the app for football fans and predictors without cash incomes, but with competitive spirit to stir up the users’ interest.

The goal is to create a platform for users to compete in football predictions, which are based on non-cash contributions, but with a player vs. player competitions. The subject of the сontroversy, in terms of the users interest, can be proposed by the app (e.g., do 20 push-ups, buy a beer, whatever), as well as could be proposed by the users themselves.

Work scope

Design and develop of mobile app for iOS platform with the corporate identity and its logo.


UX/UI Design
Service Website (front-end & back-end)
Admin panel
Email Template
Business cards


Design stage

The project began with a discussion about the project idea details and the benchmarking. During the meeting, the target audience and key scenarios for user actions were identified. Client also provided access to a database and API with forecast options and calculation of the odds ratio.

Further it was necessary to analyze the betting applications that already exist on the market. The benchmark analysis helped to determine the color scheme, logo and user interest within the functionality of the future app.

During the design process, the options suitable for the sports app were proposed. In collaboration with a customer dark blue, blue, red combination of the colors was selected.

Within the process of designing the user scenarios, we identified the role of the user:

The user is a person who can make football predictions based on certain parameters, participate in or create forecast tournaments within selected matches or compete in accuracy of the predictions with the other users. The key app functionality is to create a football prediction on upcoming football matches. Many types of a football predictions were developed. The main problem we focus on was to place the predictions list to a screen with convenient and clearly way. It was challenging to put a large number of numeric information and features connected with that information on one screen to provide user-friendly interface and good user experience to do the target-action. Therefore, for proving the concept four primary types of predictions were chosen: a winning team, a score, a goal difference, a number of corner kicks.

группа людей


Battle of predictions app is an app-based platform for users to compete in accuracy of a football predictions and win bet challenge to get a reward. The app functionality includes: individual football predictions, challenges between two players for the most accurate prediction, with an option to select the subject of a bet (e.g., to do squats, buy tickets for a football match, etc.) or propose the subject of bet by the users themselves. Users also have functionality to create tournaments: choose the upcoming football matches they are interested in, invite friends and compete with them in accuracy to predict the game outcomes and become the winner of the overall tournament.

Key features


Users can quickly sign up via Facebook account.

iphonex list of matches

List of football matches

The screen displays the list of upcoming football matches. The user can easily filter the list by date or search match using the search box.
The User can also see the number of users who has made predictions for each match.

Football match

When the user taps on a football match, he observes the amount of points that user won for correct prediction. Challenge list and user's position, and the button: invite a friend, to predict the result of the match. Users may watch the list of players who have made the prediction for the match and statistic of each user and make a prediction himself.


When users get to the prediction screen, the user is able to make predictions based on four parameters:

  • a winning team
  • the score of a game
  • a goal difference
  • a number of corner kicks


The User who makes a prediction can compete with other players who also made a prediction for the same match.
The Player who competes with another player chooses the subject of the challenge as well as the time terms. If the other player accepts the challenge this player confirms the subject and terms.
According to the results of a match the player, who gets more points for accuracy in his prediction, wins. The Player who loses the challenge must fulfill the agreement of the challenge, for this purpose the app is implemented with push-notifications feature that will remind users what and when they should do.

create tournament
tournament created

List of tournaments

The tournament, a list of football matches where users gathered score points for the right prediction and competing with each other to get the highest accuracy predict score.The tournament list could be open and private, users can only observe open tournaments, and if they want to observe private ones, they should be invited there.


When the user gets into the tournament list, the application displays how many points each user has won for the predictions, user position in the list of the top (user see score only if he made a prediction). the Player takes 1st, 2nd and 3rd, whatever place for the total amount of points earned for right predictions outcomes in a certain tournament.

Create the tournament

Users may create tournaments. the user is needed to choose a name, describe conditions, choose a cool logo, select matches for the tournament and invite friends to participate.

iphonex list of matches


In user’s profile the user can find football predictions statistics,the list of tournaments and the list of predictions that the user won. Also, see the list of his/her friends (via Facebook API) and list of in-app friends that are currently using the app. The last but not least, view list of users whom the user has invited and their current status.


The app notifies the users of any changes in tournaments, matches and any updates that they participate in. Notifications also provide quick user in-app transferring to a necessary screen by tapping on a notification.

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