Luxury chat-bot

Chatbot for VIP clients of a company from the fashion industry

Chat-bot Swift iOS Native


A French startup came to us to optimize a project of smart concierge application. The final customer was a large company from the Fashion Industry. With the help of chatbot VIP-clients of the company can find places of entertainment, book a table at a restaurant or a hotel room, as well as call a taxi just in one click. The application was developed with Ionic framework, which affected its performance and was the reason for some scaling problems. It was also necessary to involve the iOS developer of Fingers Media in the project implementation in Swift, in order to customize the app, improve its interaction and layout.


1. Rewrite the project from Ionic to Swift

2. Improve the navigation of the app and the interaction of the client part with the chatbot



Authentication has its own peculiarities, as only VIP clients with pre-issued login and password get access to the chat-bot. Different logins are connected to different chatbots. The parameters of each user determine: Visual elements of the application (company logo, menu, etc.) Access to chats (with a chatbot and other users)

Chatbot Functions


Since the main purpose of the chatbot is an easy access to information about different places and booking, the chat format depends on user requests:
- place selection (image, link to detailed information)
- carousel (image, link to detailed information, contacts, booking)
- quick reply (answer options) and autofill
- calendar (choice of booking date)

Chat history navigation

The user can use the search in chat, as well as request a list of bookings, which provides quick access to all the info.

Customer service

In case of any issues, the user can contact an Assistant in "My Threads”