A centralized system of electronic customer feedback and suggestions

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The leader in banking services for individuals was in need of quick and adequate analysis of its business processes. They made a decision to ask bank clients for feedback. Previous development company completely failed the job. The Bank turned to Fingers to resuscitate the project and correct mistakes.


Over 30 thousand customers visit more than 40 bank branches every day. Even if 1% of this number would have left a review or suggestion, the bank would have to open a new department to handle a large number of applications. Moreover, bank clients have different levels of IT-literacy. Proposed solutions should be as simple and understandable as possible. The process of contact with the tool must be minimized so as not to exacerbate the anger or decrease the desire to share an idea.

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To develop and implement a centralized system of electronic customer feedback and suggestions. For customers we develop a tablet application to be installed at bank's offices in most visible places in protected covers. To develop a website with administrative roles for bank management personnel. As a methodical kernel, we develop an intelligent review analysis system which allows leaving a review in three clicks.

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1000 people use EARS system in bank offices across the country daily. This number corresponds to the number of feedback reviews sent to the bank. One bank employee handles up to 30,000 user reviews monthly. Such high efficiency is achieved due to the unique and advanced methodology of automatic feedback processing which proves its efficiency every day . More than 100 managerial decisions to amend business processes have been based on EARS analytical reports

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The customer was cautious in estimates and methods of implementation of the project because of the negative experience of cooperation with the previous contractor and failed Electronic Guest Book. Fingers team faced employee concerns over the proposed solution. Nevertheless, we managed to convince the client and to start developing a complex and exciting system. Implementation process was separated. Introduction of 100+ tablets in all offices of the company assumed quality risks forplates or chargers, ventilation issues, etc. Fingers have developed rules for implementation and maintenance of a large technological fleet and reduced implementation risks to minimum. Many features to simplify the work of the bank were added: automatic work availability check, employee alert on the need to pay attention to certain actions of customers, and more.