A mobile fisher club in Belarus created by Android and IOS development company Fingers media

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Being passionate fans of fishing, a group of investors faced a problem: it is very hard to catch many fish when you go fishing not very often. It requires constant practice or studying special forums and literature to find places with a fine catch of fish. Besides, there was no any product in our market that showed statistics on reservoirs or described the best types of fishing to use there. These data would simplify preparing and give an answer to the question where to go fishing and which type to use.


To create some kind of a storage of social experience and knowledge about fishing in a certain country. Moreover, the information-gathering process should be desired and involving for users. It is necessary to structure data and to analyze reservoirs, types of fish and fishing in accordance with this information.


A mobile app with possibility to add results of your fishing, to communicate with other community members, to take part in competitions and to search for fishing experience.

Fishing map

Search for places where fishing is really good.


Comfortable communication with notifications.

“Prize catches”

Successes of fishermen and best catches.

Fishing competitions

Сreate, participate, follow and comment on fishermen competitions.

Statistics for lakes

Relevant statistics on waters, best fishermen and useful objects beside.


Tips for waters and fishermen with a convenient search and filter.


4000+ installs (Android) and 400+ unique users daily during the first 3 month who generate from 20 to 50 “fishings” per day. We’ve got 20 000+ sessions during the first 2 month of app’s existence. General rate in Google play is 4.8.
Average for 2016:

400+ 19 000+ 100+
daily active users installs (Android) “fishings” per day


Rate in Google Play


Technology Stack


Android Sudio

Official integrated development environment (IDE) for Android platform development.



An opensource SQL database that stores data to a text file on Android and iOS devices.



A library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs by using observable sequences.



A type-safe HTTP client for Android and Java


Google API

Maps, Video and Analytics, etc.


As a rule, mobile phones have small keyboards, so, it’s rather difficult to enter much information. Fingers managed to reduce data gathering about fishing results from 40 to 15 clicks, which gave us 50 + “fishings” per day during the first 2 month of app’s existence.

Onboarding screens and Registration. In our case, the number of registered users directly depends on user's involvement in the project. Hence, before you ask a user to enter data or link a social network account, we have to make him interested, to show the benefits of a mobile application.


Project Managers
Aliaksandr Smirnou
Dana Badeyeva
Maxim Matsevich
Andrew Maslov
Vlad Kazak
Nastya Koshko
Android Developer
Anton Gerasimenko