Getblogger - a mobile application for improving the business interaction of advertisers and influencers

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GetBlogger is an advertising platform that allows to advertise with the help of opinion leaders on Instagram and YouTube. So that bloggers and advertisers can always be in touch not only with computers, the client decided to develop two native mobile apps.


To design and develop the mobile app GetBlogger for both iOS and Android.


  • UX/UI Design
  • iOS app
  • Android app
  • Mobile API


How to fit the functionality of a huge platform into a mobile app without making users cudgel their brains over it? We were puzzled by this question at the design stage.

There are 3 types of users on the platform: bloggers, brands and agencies. It was important to consider the needs of each of them.


Bloggers are opinion leaders on Instagram and Youtube. Bloggers can receive invitations from brands, communicate with advertisers within the app and invoice for services provided. The platform collects statistics on each blogger to give an advertiser all information to make a decision about cooperation.


There are bots among some bloggers' subscribers. An advertiser will not benefit from cooperation with such a blogger. Therefore, the platform filters cheating bloggers, analyzing each account before registering it. As a result, an advertiser sees how many valuable subscribers a blogger has and how much he/she will charge for advertisement according to the platform’s estimation.

Selection of the Best Content

In order to inspire bloggers and advertisers, GetBlogger selects the best bloggers’ posts in terms of advertising campaigns. The algorithm based on artificial intelligence evaluates the quality of posts.


In order to get bloggers more involved, we've added chat to the app. Now you can agree on ideas, publication dates and terms of cooperation without leaving the app.


By brands we mean businesses interested in advertising of their product. Brands find bloggers suitable for that, suggest cooperation, discuss terms and conditions and pay for work done.


In order to find suitable bloggers among several thousand suggested ones, in addition to screen search there is a filter and sorting by key parameters: coverage of a valuable audience, a blogger’s venue, cost of advertising, etc.

Ad Campaign Stats

GetBlogger daily analyzes all publications referred to a brand and collects statistics on the effectiveness of the ad campaign.

Deferred Payment

Until fulfillment of conditions by a blogger, money is not transferred to a blogger's account. So an advertiser will not fall victim to dishonest bloggers. In order not to complicate navigation, the editing of payment data is placed directly in the payment section.


Agencies are companies that manage several brands, so their goals and actions on the app are the same. Accordingly, there are particular bloggers for each brand.

Brand management

In fact, an agency is a brand with additional interface. For agencies we have made brand management menu as simple as possible.


In order to ensure that the user of any group is not lost in the functions of the app, we have added a clear navigation panel at the bottom of the screen.