Getblogger - a mobile application for improving the business interaction of advertisers and influencers

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GetBlogger is a bloggers marketplace with a set of tools for high-quality selection and effective placement of advertisements aimed at the target audience of an advertiser. The main idea of the Getblogger founders is to provide creative people with a platform for collecting orders and sharing their reviews on products and services they use in real life. At the same time an advertiser is guaranteed that bloggers will reply within a certain period of time and report on implementation of tasks and agreements, which greatly simplifies interaction. However, in order to ensure that the users were not dependent on the web version of the platform and could agree on details of an order at any time, as well as to track its implementation, the Getblogger team decided to create a mobile app for Android and iOS and chose Fingers Media for this task.


iOS Application
Android Application


Design and development of mobile
app GetBlogger for iOS and Android


Getblogger is a platform consisting of algorithms for analytics of accounts and publications, automated CRM system and secure payment system. Fingers Media team faced a complicated task of putting the functionality of the huge platform into the mobile application while leaving the interface clear and tailored to the needs of each user group.
At the design stage, we analyzed the user audience divided into 3 groups: bloggers, brands and agencies (companies managing several brands).





Bloggers analysis and selection

The platform collects statistics on each blogger giving the advertiser all needed information for making a decision about cooperation. GetBlogger automatically collects data on geography (city and country), gender, age, and audience involvement in general and for each publication separately. More importantly, the platform analyzes data on quality of subscribers, dividing them into groups: massfollowers, ordinary users, popular users, opinion leaders.
Connecting to the platform, bloggers open access to their statistics, so advertisers rely not on likes and comments (which don’t affect the effectiveness of advertising), but on real analytics and special algorithms. The algorithms calculate the amount of quality audience and the objective cost of publishing. According to statistics, after verification only every 4th registered blogger gets access to advertisers base.
To increase brand awareness and memorability, the platform helps pick up bloggers with an overlapping audience of subscribers and place ads in several accounts at once.

Brands analysis

More and more often, bloggers don’t want to take on tasks that they are not interested in, so the app also contains the tools of analytics on a brand's products and its representation on the Internet.

Competitors analysis

It is enough to fill in the name of an Instagram account to receive a detailed analysis of competitor's advertising activity on bloggers' publications and references from ordinary users.

Posts analytics

The platform collects, analyzes and updates all publications with references from bloggers on a daily basis and provides detailed analysis of the effectiveness of advertising publications, which can be easily tracked through the app at any time.


CRM system

Automated CRM-system allows you to effectively manage communications with bloggers at each stage of negotiations, as well as to plan and discuss advertising publications. We also created a new advanced format of advertiser's brief, which simplifies the process of discussing the terms of cooperation. Bloggers are really creative people, and if agreements with them were not backed up, they easily disappear.


This is a new service within GetBlogger platform that is the model of advertiser and blogger work with payment for the result. GB+ is only available in the blogger version of the app.

The main goals of creating a separate panel are:

to simplify the user interface

to easily view detailed information about blogger's projects

to filter proposals by novelty and popularity

to manage sales and payments data


Bank of creativity

To inspire bloggers and advertisers, GetBlogger collects the best blog posts in terms of advertising campaigns. The AI algorithm analyzes all creative content and evaluates the quality of posts, which helps to focus on best practices.


Payments automation and security

The process of payment has been simplified to a minimum number of clicks and is highly secured, not relying only on the honest word of a blogger:

making a deposit to an account

reservation of payment
(money is held in a correspondent account)

successful payment/return of funds

In order to keep your accounting calm and safe, you can get the necessary documents from GetBlogger and pay for any advertising from the legal entity's account.