GoldaTech — a mobile app for tracking the lifecycle of reusable gowns for hospitals and individuals

Android PPE COVID19 Recycling


During the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals are in constant need of personal protective equipment (PPE) supply. Most often methods of protection have a big disadvantage of being disposable, which is very costly and unsustainable.

However, the gowns become unusable after a certain number of washes. This was the reason for contacting the Fingers Media team and developing an app that would help keep track of the number of washes and the condition of each medical gown, as well as make the process more structured.

Our client, an American startup Golda Gowns, produces medical gowns that can be washed and disinfected multiple times, which is a great alternative to disposable ones.

Goldatech Apps Image


The project itself was quite simple to develop, but required precise analysis and structuring during the design phase, which finished with the following conclusions:

  • Given the urgency of the situation, the ready application is needed as soon as possible, so it must be developed quickly. For this reason, the first version is the MVP with basic features.
  • The ER-model made it possible to clearly divide the stages and participants of the process into objects and build relationships in the system between them: Product, Order, Hospital, Laundry Service, Recycling, etc.
  • Since Golda Gowns buy phones for laundry services themselves and the market price of Androids is lower, it was decided to build an Android app.
  • There are 3 types of the app users: Superuser (Golda employee), Customer (hospital) and Laundry service worker.

User flow

For a better visualization of the main features and the way they work we suggest to have a look at the user flow below

User Flow

Admin panel

In the admin panel, the Superuser can find all the necessary features to control and overview the processes:

  • create, invite or delete users;
  • view lists of products in the laundry or recycling;
  • generate and view all product information: color, size, quantity, condition, customer, etc;
  • generate and view all order information;
  • manage the delivery process;
  • manage lists of establishments (hospitals);
  • manage laundry lists.
User Flow

You can see how it all work in reality

in our client’s dynamic video



The developed system allows for tracking the lifecycle of protective equipment and monitor all the analytics on the product:

  • the number of gowns used to date and currently in use;
  • the type and number of gowns ordered by each establishment;
  • the number of washes;
  • the number of gowns recycled due to defects and after a certain number of washes.

Workload distribution

Thanks to GoldaTech and the resulting analytics, workload is evenly distributed between laundry services - each one is connected to specific hospitals. By tracking the number of orders, the process of production is also becoming more effective.

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