Guardian Glass Expert

An interactive tool to define the most optimal window solutions for certain buildings by Fingers Media

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One of the world leaders in the production of energy efficient glass coatings and specialized glass products needed an interactive tool to help measurers define the most optimal window solutions for clients.


1. Design and development of Guardian Glass Expert mobile applications for iOS and Android.
2. Design and development of an administrative panel for managing database content.
3. Designing, creating and completing a database.
4. Design and development of a mobile API.
5. Landing page for the project.
6. Aha! Moment definition and analysis.

The goal: to develop a mobile application that defines most optimal window solutions.


Service Design Package
iOS Application
Android Application
Web Administrator Panel
Mobile API
Business process implementation
User analytics reports
Aha! Moment & Loyal user definitions



The application demonstrates the steps of choosing optimal glass solutions based on cardinal directions, appropriate level of acoustic performance, aesthetics.
Mobile application is designed to assist residential window manufacturers by providing an additional sales tool.


Guardian Glass Expert is a step-by-step decision-making tool to help determine the appropriate window solution for home. The project is a native iOS and Android mobile application with smartphone and tablet adaptation.

Main functional




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Guardian glass features


Guardian Glass Solutions


Offline mode

The main requirement at the stage of application design was availability of the offline-mode for the application — the ability to demonstrate the optimum window solution even in the absence of Internet connection. For this purpose, we set up database updating and saving data from the server to local database on the device.


Target users are window installers and sales managers from window companies around the world, so, it's important to localize the application and make it accessible and understandable to users from different regions of the world.


For better understanding, Compass and Sound Control screens contain minimalistic transparent tips.


Compass screen allows you to use the built-in cardinal point detection function.

Sound Control

Sound Control screen shows the effect of noise absorption by IGU with various levels of noise insulation.


Aha! Moment

While working on the strategy of the project Guardian Glass Expert we have understood that it is required to increase the number of retained users and % of retention. In order to understand what particular action can increase retention in the app we use the technique of Aha! Moment determination.

Aha! Moment is the moment in the app when the user says: “Aha! This app is useful for me! I want to use it!” Basically, it refferes to the state when user clearly understands the value of the application. So, how can we find this moment?

1. We have built the diagram of the current retention.

2. Then we have created the hypotheses what actions can influence retention significantly.

3. The next step was to see how much these actions influence retention by building the diagrams and comparing them with the current diagram of retention. From these actions we have selected the action which influences the retention most of all. In our case that was passing the main scenario for defining optimal solution.

4. After this step we have defined optimal number of these actions by determination of the retained users who made the action at least 1,2,3,n times, the retained users who didn’t make the action at least 1,2,3,n times, and the users who made the action at least 1,2,3,n times. Then we have built the linear diagram for each number of actions and determined the largest percent of the overlapped sector of the retained users who made the action at least 1,2,3,n times. We had the result of passing the main scenario at least 2 times.

So, in our case Aha! Moment is passing the main scenario at least 2 times. It is the action that influenced the retention significantly.

Landing Guardian Glass Expert

Landing was designed in addition to the application in mid-2016.

The inspiration was the lightness and airiness of the Spendee application landing page. Landing presents block-by-block navigation with the demonstration of one block at a time during scrolling.


Block 1: Main block of the website, which displays general information about the application and mockups of screens. This block allows user to quickly get all the necessary information about the application, and also go to the App Store or Google Play to download it.

Block 2: focuses on the main advantages of the application for the end users.

Block 3: displays the functionality of the application, which complements the work of the window measurer. To create a "sticky" effect, the phones with the screens of the functions jump when hovering.

Block 4: shows the features of the Guardian IGU solutions.

Block 5: contains user feedback.

Block 6: the last block, allows you to subscribe to news, go to app markets or contact Guardian.

Sidebar menu is hidden behind the burger button. Here it is possible to change the language, view legal information or communicate – there is a feedback form for this. The content on the landing page can be controlled through CMS.


Send Solution to a Customer

After passing through all steps, the application selects the optimal solution, corresponding to all the characteristics you have chosen.

When the measurer is demonstrating the solution to the client, he can send information about the chosen solution to the customer's email.

To solve the task, we created a pdf-file, which is generated on server side, and a designed email with the file attached.



Technology stack




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Objective C
API integration
Google analytics integration