Hoft — a mobile app for feedback collection, analytics and fostering customer loyalty

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Our large corporate client with several production facilities and an extensive sales territory came to us with an idea for a new project. At the time of the request, the company was selling its products in most countries through local distributors. So they had no idea about the number and geography of end customers.
The development of the own mobile app will allow company’s customers to get all the necessary info about the products and the rules of use, which will make it much easier to choose when placing orders. The app's users will be able to give feedback by sending questions or reviews, as well as making claims.
The company itself will be able to foster customer loyalty to the brand, get info about the territory of sales through geolocation of the users who send feedback, and develop a new sales channel.


1) Design and development of the mobile app for iOS

2) Design and development of the mobile app for Android

3) Design and development of the admin panel

4) Analytics setup for mobile apps


The mobile app may seem like a simple feedback service that could fit on the client's website. However, during the design stage, the Fingers Media team highlighted key features that the company's customers could easily use in the mobile app rather than look for them on the website:

quick feedback without long searching for phone numbers and email addresses;

easy process of downloading necessary regulatory documents;

recommendations on how to use the company’s products to get the best results.

The TA of the app is people aged 50+, most of whom have little understanding of how mobile apps and technologies work. With this in mind, the design of the app was made as simple, clean and intuitive as possible.


Easy Sign up and Onboarding

We’ve chosen the easiest and most convenient way to start using the app - Sign up with a phone number. A name and email address are on a separate screen, so it's easier to fill in the fields. It can also be skipped.
Onboarding screens make the user acquainted with the main features and also request access to geolocation.


To make navigation easier, the menu is placed at the bottom and accessible from each screen. It consists of 3 tabs:

Types of feeds
(list of available company products)

Nutritional systems
(product recommendations)


Access to geolocation

User geolocation is a key analytics parameter in the app. Sending feedback is possible only when geolocation is enabled and there is access to it. By collecting data on geolocation, the company can see where its products are being used and what customers think of them.


There are 2 types of feedback in the app:

The user selects the product which didn’t meet expectations, fills in a company’s name and marks the problem in the checklist or describes it himself.
It is also possible to attach a photo.

The user fills in a question or leaves an opinion about the product.