Landing page and integration with real-time drilling monitoring system

Geonavigation Monitoring Analytics


The natural resources industry is undergoing digital transformation, which leads to automation of processes and introduction of custom software. Our customer is a developer of complex information business systems, including software and complex automation of enterprise and corporate management.
Innerica is a company’s new brand providing development, implementation and maintenance of remote drilling and geonavigation monitoring systems in oil and gas industry. Fingers Media team was asked to design and develop a landing page for new clients engagement and a user personal account as well as to integrate this with the company's product Innerica itself.



Design and development of the landing page



Design and development of the user personal account



Integration of the user account with the product


Landing page

The landing page lets get acquainted with clear information on the product, calculate the cost of a certain type of service and request access to the user personal account. At the design stage we used benchmarking and TA analysis, which was reflected in the following functionality:



Product Advantages and Opportunities


Industries and Supported Equipment


Cost Calculator


Customers Testimonials and Logos


Contact form

User account

After filling out the contact form, the user gets access to the personal account.
There are 2 access types: Administrator access and Standard access.

In user personal account the administrator can:

create and edit a company profile;

send a request and get access to a trial or paid version of the product;

contact technical support;

manage other users;

view and download payment documents.

Integration with the product

When sending a request for the product from the user account, the site refers to the web service of the company. When the company receives the method with client ID from the user account and confirms it, an instance of the product is created directly for this client. The client receives a notification that the product is ready for use and a link to the product website with instructions for launching.