Bitcoin digital wallet provides one most essential function - purchasing and selling Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Digital wallet for bitcoin Payment

Simple and reliable Bitcoin digital wallet

Mobile application LittleBitWallet is a simple and reliable Bitcoin digital wallet. It provides a single, though most essential function - purchasing and selling Bitcoins. And we have made it in a most simplistic way possible, so even a child can handle. Hence, you won't have to analyze how Bitcoin' stock markets works. All you need is to download LittleBitWallet, add a credit card to your account, and you are good to go. Trade Bitcoins at best rates anytime day or night without any limitation.

It’s as simple as it gets. When the value of Bitcoin falls – you should sell, when it rises – buy. Or, alternatively, you could simply purchase a bunch of Bitcoins and watch how your wallet grows in value day by day.

We have gathered all the essential information regarding purchasing and selling Bitcoins on our main page: your credit card data, current exchange rate and its dynamics for last 3 months.

In order to purchase Bitcoin, just enter a value that you would like to buy. The same screen will display the required amount of money for the purchase. Then simply press Buy or Sell and that’s about it. Couldn’t be simpler. In just a couple of minutes, you will receive all the Bitcoins you’ve purchased on your LittleBitWallet, or your bank account will receive the money from selling Bitcoins with the earned amount accounted for.

Track the transaction history with exchange rates displayed. Analyze when it is better to buy or sell and how much. Monitor your current balance and earned money, or potentially earned with respect to the actual exchange rate.

LittleBitWallet will immediately notify you if the exchange rate goes beyond the limits you set.

We would like to mention the excellent work performed by the security team at LittleBitWallet. All the data is fully encrypted and stored exclusively on your mobile device. All transactions are performed via encrypted protocols.

Having lost your mobile device, you can easily block LittleBitWallet just as you would do with a credit card. Just call the support center of LittleBitWallet and report first and last numbers of the credit card associated with the wallet. After that, the operator will propose to restore your LittleBitWallet on a new mobile device.

To ensure “Childproofing” the application has a special option that allows setting up an entry password that can be easily administered in settings.