A handy tool that will solve communication difficulties in the Belarusian language via mobile devices.

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Being true Belarusians, we can’t help but worry about distribution of our native language. Today, living in the era of information technology, the overwhelming majority of mobile devices don’t have Belarusian keyboard layout. Using a similar alphabet cannot fully solve the problem because of the unique letter “ў” that is used only in Belarusian. 

Mobile application with the Belarusian keyboard


To develop a handy tool that will solve issues of communication in the Belarusian language with mobile devices. And also to call in users to sign a petition for adding the Belarusian language to the language list of iOS and iOS X.

app with Belarusian keyboard


A mobile app that allows to write in Belarusian Cyrillic or Latin alphabet and send messages to friends via sms or social networks:

  • Twitter
  • Vkontakte
  • Facebook

Forgot a word? Handy translator will help you to find an appropriate variant.

Mobile Translator to Belarusian


Statistics: Every day thousands of Belarusians use the app worldwide. 7000+ monthly active users. The average rate in Google Play is 4.7 and holds its high position for 2 years.