A group of effective tools attract players to the application and involve them into the nearest game.

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Android and iOS app for poker



A new and ambitious player in the market of information services for searching and holding poker tournaments all over the world enters into unexplored mobile world. After a long search for a suitable team Fingers had been chosen as the main contractor to develop iOS and Android apps. It was necessary to launch the pilot version of the project for searching for the nearest poker games quickly and efficiently.


Together with the professional team of we defined project goals and basic features of our new mobile app. The central idea was to create a simple and intuitive tool of search for appropriate games. Each element of the interface should meet basic goals of any user . In addition to the ordinary players, casinos and clubs that organize poker games are also involved in the project and use PokerDiscover to attract new clients.

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A group of effective tools attracts players to the application and involves them into the nearest game. For this regard, we have chosen the best mechanism of notification that informs players about the game in the most suitable moment, and thus eliminates molestation followed by irritation. Besides, the application defines the type of player login — independent or initiated — and offers appropriate search options.

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Scores of thousands of players all over the world use PokerDiscover app every day. Players are looking for poker tables in more than 100 countries and 500 cities.

Specific features

While working on the application Fingers had to integrate PokerDiscover with the basic service of the project. The task was complicated by the lack of the appropriate infrastructure for mobile platforms. But it was successfully designed and implemented. We should also mention original libraries for the iOs version.

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