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Traveling by train is very expensive in France, but every day near one million people use trains. Often people travel along the same route every day, week, month. At the same time train tickets in France are very expensive for one person, but if you travel in groups, the price can be halved.

The idea of the platform is to create a convenient service with the ability to organize groups of people who travel the same way and thereby reduce the price of the train tickets.


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Email Template
Business Cards


It all started with a fruitful meeting with the client and discussion of the project. We have identified our target audience and the main scenarios as well as been inspired for all the next work.

The target audience are students and people who travel by train every day: to work, on business, who live in villages and work in the city.

The client came to us with the finished visual stylistics and several pages, but our team later had to design a lot of functionality and develop the design.

In the process of designing a website, we worked on a number of scenarios and identified two roles:
The User is the person who is looking for the groups of co-travelers in order to join them and buy a group ticket for the required route.
The Pool leader is the person who organizes the group of co-travelers, gets a group ticket and gathers the group in order to pass the train control.

platform for travelers


Trainpool is a platform for the purchase of group tickets, which allows the traveler to save significant amounts of money compared to buying a ticket for a single traveler.

However, the peculiarity of such booking is that for the receipt of tickets and travel, the group has to gather. In Trainpool groups consist of 10 people and can have both seats for adults and for youth (for them the cost of tickets is lower). To avoid problems with the formation of groups, Trainpool works with the most popular routes with a high flow of passengers.

Main Page

The main page has a familiar structure of a booking website. It all starts with a search field, where the user selects the route, the date, time of departure and the number of passengers. Also Trainpool shows the best deals, where almost all seats are sold out. Below on the page there is information about the platform and user reviews. To help users, a large section with frequently asked questions was developed.

main page and search

Search Results

List with relevant search results. Each offer is a group ticket. The user can see basic information about the trip and the ticket: the departure hours, the number of people in the group, how much time remains before the end of the formation of the group, the price of ticket, if you go alone and the price offered by Trainpool, if you use a group ticket. If there are no participants in the group, the user is asked to become the first and take on the role of the Pool leader.

By clicking on the offer in the list, the user can see detailed information about the trip and the group. We deliberately divided the basic and detailed information so as not to overload the list with offers and show additional information only if the user is interested in this offer.

tickets search results ui

Best Offers

This page is similar to the page with search results, but here by default "hot" offers are displayed. Hot offers are th ones with almost all the places sold out, which means the group is almost formed and there’s high probability that it will leave. Here, the offer card also shows the route and the date of departure. You can search offers by same parameters.

Best Offers

Booking and Payment

When the traveler has found a suitable group for himself, the reservation process begins. If the user has not been registered, then first he needs to complete the registration process. In this case, you need to fill in information about yourself, which is then automatically used when booking, so that the user does not fill the same fields several times.


We designed a flexible reservation system and tried to take into account the maximum number of scenarios. The user can book a ticket both for himself and for someone else, or for a group of people. You can choose different types of tickets: for adults or for youth. If there are several passengers, you must indicate the email the tickets should be sent to.

The last step is payment. Traveler sees all the information about the trip and cost, can cancel or go a step back and change the information. It is good to notice that the ticket price is not debited immediately, but is booked on the user's account and is transferred only when the whole group of 10 people gathered.


My bookings

Page with active user tickets and order history. Active reservation is always displayed at the top, when the group is still being formed or is already ready and is waiting for the trip. The user sees all the information about the trip and his group, and can also share a link to this group in social networks to invite his friends to join the trip.

my tickets

my tickets

my tickets

If the group is formed, then a link to print the ticket appears on the card. Under active reservation, the user can open cards with his past orders. They have two statuses: the group was formed and the trip took place or the group was not formed and the reservation was canceled.

If the time allotted for the group's formation is over, but ten people were not able to collect, the status of the reservation is changed to "Canceled". This is an unpleasant situation for the user, so he is invited to find similar trips.

Profile and Settings

In the profile you can change personal information, add or delete a photo, change password or card for payment, as well as choose a convenient language. For the first version it is French and English.

Profile and Settings

Join a Pool

Having reserved a place, the user becomes a member of the group and can view information about fellow travelers. The task of Trainpool is not only to allow traveling on trains cheaper, but also to find an interesting company and interlocutors to not be bored during the trip alone.


The opportunity to see in advance the people you are traveling with is an important psychological factor. When you see the rating of fellow travelers and the fact that this is not their first trip, it calms and creates trust. For this, we have entered gold and silver statuses, which depend on the number of committed trips through Trainpool.

If the user was a Pool leader, then he has rating: his fellow travelers after the trip put their assessment to the leader of the group and can write a comment. This is also an important element for trust, because the Pool leader is the person who is responsible for collecting the entire group and getting on the train, since it is he who receives the group ticket.

more info about a pool leader

Adaptive Design

We created an adaptive website design, because we understood that it is important for users to open it without problems on any device and at any time. For example, to book a ticket or see the phone for communication with the leader of the group.

design layout

Web Administrator

To effectively manage such a platform, Fingers additionally developed a web administrator panel. Administrator is a person who has access to the admin panel and can change the available information on the portal. He also has the opportunity to change the deadline for group formation, the ratio of participants in the group (youth / adults), the amount of commission, etc.

Email Template

All important information users receive via email. We developed a brand design for Trainpool letters. For example, an invitation to a train. It is received by the members of the group instead of tickets, since there is only one group ticket and is owened by the leader of the group.
Also, travelers receive greetings after registration and a letter asking them to rate the leader of the group after the trip.

email template

Business Cards

In addition, we developed the design of the Trainpool business cards.

business cards

Technology Stack

  • Trello
  • Skype
  • Sketch App
  • InVision
  • Laravel
  • HTML 5
  • CSS3
  • JS
train platform


  • Vitali Lotts
  • Nikita Palchunov
  • Anastasiya Dubinskaya
  • Anastasiya Koshko
  • Trainpool
  • Alesya Ivanova
  • Dmitry Rasko
  • Igor Artushkin