Ubound - the best college visit planning and evaluation app

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It is commonly known that most college and university websites are poorly designed, with inadequate search functionality, broken links, and outdated content. Our client from the US faced this problem when choosing a college for her daughter. Instead of navigating inconvenient school websites in search of suitable programs and campus amenities, she reached out to Fingers Media team with the idea of creating a mobile application.

For US students and parents the mobile app UBound is the easiest and a most convenient way to plan college visits, keep notes, and finally make a well-informed decision on which college to attend at the same time viewing the interesting colleges of their friends and the results of their visits.



Design and development
of the mobile app for iOS



Design and development
of the landing page


It all started with series of calls with the client and discussion of the relevance of the project. Published reports and research on college websites show that

  • about 75% of students complete college enrollment-related forms
    on their mobile device;
  • half of schools do not have a mobile-friendly website
    and nearly half of those that do are deficient either in technology
    or content.

The main advantage of the Ubound app became simple, intuitive design and only necessary and unique features.



Onboarding and easy Sign Up

When the user opens the app for the first time, the system shows the onboarding screen, which introduces the main purposes of the app. The user can continue exploring the main features without authorization by tapping on Skip for now. The user does not need to fill in the detailed information for authorization - only Sign Up with email, FB, Apple ID.


The main screen is a search for suitable colleges, which is done by name. When you tap on a card of a college you like, you get brief information (location, number of students, rating, tuition, website link, etc.). Here the user can also add the selected college to his/her dashboard and schedule a day and time to visit.

Current visit

The Current visit screen shows all colleges the user has planned to visit.
In each college’s card the user can:

schedule the exact date and time of the visit;
collect and evaluate information about a college with the help of checklists;
take notes with photos and share them with friends.


The Dashboard screen allows to visualize and monitor college visits. Here visits are displayed in the calendar and on a map. When making a final decision, the user can refresh memory and compare details of already visited institutions.

User profile

In the Ubound app we focused specifically on colleges and visits, so the user profile is not overloaded with unnecessary fields. The main functionality of the profile includes viewing and inviting friends, setting reminders for upcoming college visits, and communication with the support team.

Landing page

Release of the landing page took place even before the mobile app release for app advertising and collection of email addresses to notify users about the news of the project. The landing page introduces potential users to the features of the Ubound app and the main screens.

Email invitation

Email invitation to the app was also created by Fingers Media designers in accordance with the app's identity.