Mobile App Development Services

We are focused on building high-performance applications for mobile and web. Our services are project-specific, customised to business needs of a customer.

App Design App Design

We deliver business analysis and technical documentation before the mobile app development. It defines intrinsic properties and architecture in accordance with business needs of a project.

  • Business analysis
  • Benchmark
  • Sketching
  • UI/UX concept
  • Detailed specification
  • Project prototype
App Development App Development

Custom iOS and Android app development for your business in compliance with the technical documentation and international standards. Our app developers use brain, open source and best coding practices.

  • UI/UX design development
  • App's front-end development
  • Database, API and server-side
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Third-party services integration
  • Production environment setup
  • Project deployment
Maintenance Maintenance

Strategic management of application support, improvement and optimisation. Debugging after deployment in order to raise usability and applicability.

  • Release and deployment
  • Monitoring & Testing
  • Server maintenance
  • Strategy management
  • Review management
  • Incident management


Fingers Media experienced developing mobile applications and websites for the following fields:

Business apps Social networks and chats Loyalty programs E-commerce apps Fitness and recreation Event apps Financial services Professional services Travel and tourism

Working process


Agile development method is based on iterations using time frames during the mobile application development service. The goal of each iteration - to get a functional product. Agile is open to changing requirements and encourages constant feedback from end users. One of the most popular Agile frameworks we use is Scrum. Fixed-length for iterations (sprints) it two weeks. At the end of each sprint the team and the customer meet to plan the next actions.



Waterfall method in mobile app development involves creation of incremental schedule to estimate timing and distribution of tasks. Unlike Agile, Waterfall uses a linear process. From the outset the stable requirements are set for the project. The project is easy to manage, resources and risks are controllable and monitorable.



Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements

No hidden <br>fees

No hidden

Best <br>practices


Guarantee Supervision

Guarantee Supervision

Fixed Price /<br>Time & Material

Fixed Price /
Time & Material

Access<br>to the PMS

to the PMS

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