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Hit the huge market with custom Android app development services using platform-specific technologies Kotlin and Java

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Fingers - Android App Development Company

Android Development Benefits

Our Android Development Services

  • Android Consulting
  • Android UI/UX Design
  • Android App Testing
  • Android App Maintenance
  • Multi-platform Deployment
  • Custom Android App Development
Fingers - Android App Development Services

Android Consulting

Our Android experts are here to help you with the optimal feature set and its estimation for your MVP and subsequent versions.

Android Consulting

Our Android experts are here to help you with the optimal feature set and its estimation for your MVP and subsequent versions.

Android UI/UX Design

Our designers ensure your product provides an intuitive and memorable user experience across all Android devices and versions.

Android App Testing

Our QA engineers make sure your Android mobile app looks great and works seamlessly on every Android device.

Android App Maintenance

Whether you choose us as an Android app development company or another company, we would be happy to continue this business journey with you afterwards.

Multi-platform Deployment

Android development services are not limited to smartphones. Attract a bigger audience from wearables and phones to tablets and TVs.

Custom Android App Development

When no pre-existing app meets all of your business needs, we build a customized solution for you with Android app development services.

Hire Android developers

  • Senior
    Lev C. Available
    Android developer
    05 years’
    Tech stack:
    • Kotlin
    • Solid
    • Git
    • Android SDK
    • Dagger
  • Middle +
    Pavel U. Available
    Android developer
    03 years’
    Tech stack:
    • Kotlin
    • Git
    • Java
    • Android SDK
    • Dagger
  • Junior +
    Ivan S. Available
    Android developer
    01 year’s
    Tech stack:
    • Java
    • Kotlin
    • Git
    • Android SDK

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Android App Development Company - Fingers

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What our clients say


  • Denis Lobko
    Denis Lobko Creative Lead, Wargaming
    Industry: Video Games
    Country: Cyprus

    We've cooperated with Fingers on several projects. Guys have high expertise in mobile apps and web. Project management is measured, without missed deadlines or budget increases, which is very important when working on a fixed price basis. Fingers also helps with technical documentation and mobile prototyping.

  • Alexander Baranov
    Alexander Baranov CPO, Getblogger
    Industry: AdTech & MarTech
    Country: Russia

    Fingers successfully completed and released the app. A large majority of web app users adopted the mobile app, and it garners positive feedback for its user-friendly convenience. The team delivers quality products and speedy, responsive, and professional service at affordable prices.

  • Emmanuel Nunez
    Emmanuel Nunez Marketing & Communications Manager, GoldaTech
    Industry: HealthTech
    Country: USA

    Our workflow was pretty smooth, and we were impressed that Fingers was very accommodating to our requests. We ended up with a great product and worked with a professional team of developers. We couldn't ask for a better partnership.

Why Fingers as an Android app development company

Industries we serve

  • eLearning
  • Tourism & Lifestyle
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Energy & Natural Resources
  • eCommerce & Retail
  • Banking & Finance
  • Social Networking
  • AdTech & MarTech
  • Restaurants & Food Service
  • HR & Recruitment

Private Tutoring, Flashcard Apps, Educational Games, Progress Tracking, Language Learning Apps, eBooks & Audiobooks.


eLearning Android App Development - Fingers

Private Tutoring, Flashcard Apps, Educational Games, Progress Tracking, Language Learning Apps, eBooks & Audiobooks.

Tourism & Lifestyle

Tourism & Lifestyle Android App Development - Fingers

Trip Planning, Local Tour Guides, Travel Deals, Public Transportation & Vehicle Rental, Leisure Apps, Mental Health Apps.

Media & Entertainment

Social Networking Android App Development - Fingers

Music & Video Streaming Platforms, Photo Editing & Sharing, Concert & Show Booking Platforms, Podcast App, Media & News.

Energy & Natural Resources

Energy & Natural Resources Android App Development - Fingers

Mobile Equipment Inspection, Monitoring & Data Analytics, Tasks & Staff Management, Risks Minimizations.

eCommerce & Retail

eCommerce & Retail Android App Development - Fingers

Online Shopping, Training & Operations Management, Second-hand Marketplaces, Issue Reporting, Deals & Discounts.

Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance Android App Development - Fingers

Digital Banking, P2P Payments, E-Wallets, Investing & Trading, Personal Finance Management, Crowdfunding, Robo Advisors.

Social Networking

Social Networking Android App Development - Fingers

Blogging Platforms, Community & Discussion Forums, Dating & Messenger Applications, Media Sharing Networks.

AdTech & MarTech

AdTech & MarTech Android App Development - Fingers

Influencer Marketing Platforms, Advertising Management, Analytical & Reporting Tools, Photo & Video Editing.

Restaurants & Food Service

Restaurants & Food Service Android App Development - Fingers

Catering & Food Delivery, Table Reservation, Order & Pay Apps, Recipe Organizers, Loyalty App, Nutrition & Diet, Sustainability Applications.

HR & Recruitment

HR & Recruitment Android App Development - Fingers

Onboarding Platform, Online Training, Activity Reports, Database Management, Employee Wellbeing, Expense Reports.

Tourism & Lifestyle Android App Development - Fingers

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