iOS & Android App Design and Prototyping

We design Android & iOS apps considering the objectives, user experience and scalability, while project management, QA and testing guarantee top-grade quality

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App design services


Organizational work


  • Setting up project management infrastructure
  • Filling out project requirements questionnaire
  • First discussion meeting with the customer
  • Overall management of the project (MM, workgroup entry)
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Business analysis of a project

3-10 days

  • Market and competitor analysis
  • User profile
  • User stories mapping
  • Benchmark (analysis of existing solutions)
  • Gap-analysis
  • Setting up a task for a designer to implement the concept
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Presentation of the concept

10-18 days

  • Sketching
  • Drawing a design concept for approval
  • Basic logo and copywriting development
  • Customer presentation preparation
  • Customer presentation of the project concept
  • Post-presentation amendments
  • Additional presentation and negotiations
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Drafting project documents

18-21 days

  • Preparation of final interface design layout (up to 7 screens)
  • Preparation of technical specifications
  • Approval and modifications of specifications
  • Prototyping as a web-based app (app emulation)
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  • Project Requirements Questionnaire
  • UI/UX Design Concept
  • Image Source File
  • Technical Specifications
  • App Design Scheme
  • App Prototype (Web-based app emulation)

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