Maintenance & Support

Strategic management of software improvement and optimisation and debugging after deployment in order to improve usability and applicability for users.

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Service assets which ensure accessibility, security, manageability of the project, and make the work with the project easier and clearer.


Project assets which store and ensure trouble-free functioning of the project with relevant servers, drive space and data transfer channels.

Processes and activities

Availability management

Operations which are necessary to ensure uninterrupted access to project data for end users. Accessibility implies works to ensure trouble-free operation of the server (monitoring, configuration and software upgrades), compliance with safety regulations, etc.

Monitoring and moderation

A process of monitoring and response to changes in the project (comments, reviews, appeals, requests, etc.) which may affect the project. Tracking and editing changes occurs on sites approved by the Customer. The goal is to create favorable conditions for development of the project

Release and deployment management

A process that is responsible for planning, scheduling and control of building, testing, and deployment of releases, as well as providing new functionality required by the business, while maintaining the integrity of existing services. This process is to respond to a change in the project or a need to release new versions.

Request management

A process of managing the lifecycle of any service request regardless of its nature and source (Customer, users, third parties).

Incident management

A process of managing the lifecycle of any incident. Incident management minimizes the impact of incidents on the project and restores normal functioning of the project in the promtest way possible.

Problem management

A process of managing the lifecycle of any problem. Problem management proactively prevents incidents and minimizes the impact of those which cannot be prevented.


  • Monthly report on project maintenance services
  • 24-hour monitoring of the project
  • Timely solution of incidents
  • Data analysts for development of the project
  • Response to user requests

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